Book: Fittingness and Environmental ethics: philosophical, theological and applied perspectives

Just out with Routledge, edited by Michael S. Northcott and Steven C. van den Heuvel and partly based on the presentations of this ETF-ILSE conference. It contains my ‘On the Ethics and Metaphysics of Fittingness, Affordances and Providence’.

Book Description

This volume focuses on ‘fittingness’ as an ethical-aesthetical idea, and in particular examines how the concept is beneficial for environmental ethics. It brings together an innovative set of contributions to argue that fittingness is a significant but under-investigated facet of human ethical deliberation with both ethical and aesthetic dimensions. In widely diverse matters – from architecture to table manners – individuals and communities make decisions based on ‘fittingness’, also expressed in related terms, such as appropriateness, prudence, temperance, and mutuality. In the realm of environmental ethics, fittingness denotes a relation between conscious embodied persons and their habitats and is of relevance to judgements about how humans shape, and take up with, the non-human environment, and hence to ethical decisions about the development and use of the environment and non-human creatures. As such, fittingness can be of great benefit in reframing human relationships to the non-human, stimulating a way of living in the world that is fitting to the preservation of its fruitfulness, goodness, beauty, and truth.

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Michael S. Northcott and Steven C. van den Heuvel

Part I Metaphysics and Aesthetics

1 Fittingness and Other-Regarding Attitudes in Environmental Aesthetics

Emily Brady

2 Commonage Consciousness and Fitting in with the Earth: John Moriarty and Deep Ecology

Nora Ward

3 On the Ethics and Metaphysics of Fittingness, Affordances and Providence

Michael Bauwens

4 Fittingness and Environmental Ethics: Perspectives from Chinese Religion and Philosophy

JunSoo ParkPart II Theological Perspectives on Fittingness

5 The Ontological Turn, Religious Tradition, and Human Cosmological Fittingness

Michael S. Northcott

6 Fittingness and the Spiritual-Religious Nature of Environmentalism

Johan de Tavernier

7 Fittingness as Attunement? Being Ecological with Timothy Morton and Hans Urs von Balthasar

Yves de Maeseneer

8 Anselm on Fittingness: Various Concepts of Fittingness in the Cur Deus homo

Rostislav TkachenkoPart III Practical Applications

9 Fittingness as a Dynamic of Social Interaction: Implications for Embedding Ecological Concerns in Community Life and Practice

Jack Barentsen

10 When ‘Fitting in’ means to ‘Care’: Proposing a Form-of-Life for Environmental Care

Emilio di Somma

11 Representation as Isolation: The Unfittingness of Waste

Gregory Jensen

12 The Challenge and Promise of Queer Ecology for Understanding ‘Fittingness’: A Theological Engagement

Steven C. van den Heuvel


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